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Kentucky Society for Directors of Volunteer Services

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About Us

Healthcare facilities are facing new challenges: They must provide high-quality services with shrinking resources in a highly competitive and constantly changing healthcare milieu.  Under these conditions of reduced resources and increased need for community support, an effective volunteer program takes on heightened significance.

Current competition for volunteer support requires that Directors of Volunteer Services be proficient in the traditional sense of management - planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.  In addition, they must be experts in human resources management with emphasis on the human element.  The goal is to integrate volunteers into services that are satisfying and productive.

The Director of Volunteer Services must be empathetic and effective with persons of diverse ages, backgrounds, and skills.  The director should have firm understanding of human behavior and motivation and, of equal importance, should be a skilled communicator.

Many of our members are seasoned professionals.  Any KSDVS member can call upon another member for information, consultation, and support with any aspect of volunteer administration.  KSDVS educational workshops and conferences are designed to improve volunteer programs and improve the performance of the Director of Volunteer Services.

We Are Planning Conference for 2024!

Be on the lookout for upcoming details!

The KSDVS Conference will again be held this fall; location, times and speakers have not been finalized. 


Be sure to get involved and check out our quarterly networking sessions called "Coffee and Conversations". 

These will be via Teams Meeting for Hospital Volunteer Leaders to discuss relevant topics and problem solve!

This opportunity is available for KSDVS Members and potential new members are invited and can attend their first session free!

What Did You Miss At The 2023 KSDVS Conference? 

Inspiring Keynote: Rebecca L. Griffeth, with over ten years of experience in the field, shared insight motivating our volunteer leaders to excel in their roles and make a difference. Her sessions focused on: Helping volunteer's find their niche, Volunteer Retention Planning and Brain Research in Volunteerism.
Interactive Workshops: Rebecca led engaging workshops that provided practical tools and strategies for effective leadership, fostering collaboration, and maximizing impact.
Networking Opportunities:
Attendees had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering new relationships and partnerships for future projects.
Success Stories:
Inspirational success stories were shared, showcasing the incredible achievements of volunteers in their hospitals.
Strategic Planning:
Discussions on strategic planning empowered leaders to set clear goals and develop actionable plans for their volunteer initiatives.
Vision for the Future:
Together, we are able to focus on the future of volunteerism in hospitals across Kentucky, emphasizing the importance of continued collaboration and innovation in driving positive change.

Thank you to all who attended and contributed to the success of this conference. Your commitment to service and leadership is truly commendable. Let's continue to inspire, empower, and make a difference in our hospitals through volunteer service!     


President: Jeffery Johnson

President Elect: Ginny Coleman

Treasurer:  Greg Holtgrewe

Secretary:  Nicole Crum

Education:  Ginny Coleman

Legislation:  Jeffery Johnson

Communications: Nicole Crum

Nominating: Rebecca Rowe

By-Laws:  Sara Camic

Website: Nicole Crum

SHVL Representative: Sara Camic

KCOVS Representative: Nicole Crum


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